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"Fragola Matera®: il gusto che resiste"

From flower to flower...

Strawberries escape the normal definition, just like all the best things in life.

It doesn't let itself be described as any normal fruit but as a flower that has yet to be tasted.

Frutthera: Ambassadors of Basilicata

You might know us as the producers of Fragola Matera®.

It is some, but not all of who we are.

The Nicofruit® group was born in 1993 in Scanzano Jonico from a pioneering idea and from a whispered promise to the territory. It sprouts and matures to become a major producer organization in Southern Italy, called 0. P. Frutthera Growers because it joins the word producers (growers) to the word fruit, which embraces the historical legacy of the territory, which ones knee called "hera".

In Frutthera Growers, around thirty members cultivate more than 400 combined hectares of land and employ about three thousand people a day during harvest seasons.We produce strawberries, but also value for the territory, supporting the patrimonic agricultural sector of Basilicata and positively contributing to the economy of province of Matera, allocating half of our productions to the export of quality.

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Sustainability: A company that Promotes the Best

We want to leave things as we found them. For this reason, we use various ecological methods to reduce our impact on the environment and to try and set an example for all in this sector of work.

Sustainability remains our priority, from reducing emissions to trying our best to stop climate change to reducing water waste.

As a company, we've been growing for thirty years, and we've always tried not to impact the plant, which does a lot of the job for us. It's not always easy, but saving the plant is always worth it.

Basilicata: The Measure of Things

Carlo Levi describes Basilicata as a real and true place.

More real than anywhere else in the world.

A place where history and mythology, eternity, and freedom coincides. Where the small towns clustered with cethadrals approaches contemporary art, the generations that live with their traditions, and the spirit of the future and past together.

From the time of the rock, we hear stories one can hear profoundly different stories from the clamour of the Spartan colonies, the footsteps of Horace, the noble passions to the voices of popular spirits.

Contradiction like these are just ways of not living one way.

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