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Fragola Matera puts everyone in agreement.
For a taste that doesn't need to be enhanced by anything.

A timeless product that goes beyond any expectation.
For nutrition values that challenge the cliches and come out victorious.

The consistency has an influence over experts and the most attentive customers.

Fragola Matera is a fenominum of nature. A product we look
at with admiration and respect as if it were our own.

This is why we work to protect it from counterfeits to protect its quality and uniqueness.

No Sign of Ageing

The shelf life is the unit of measure used to estimate the lifetime of a produce, from its production to its first bite.

The shelf life of Fragola Matera is amazingly long; without rush, it lasts up to ten to twelve days after being picked.An unusual amount of time for a strawberry. But not unusual for ours, it's a gush of flavours which distinguishes them from others; they arrive at the table full of flavour and consistency.

Nessun segno del tempo.jpg
Un habitat unico.jpg

An Only Habitat:

Useful insects give us a helping hand with the natural fertilisation, honey bees, bumble bees, and wasps, help with flower pollination.

The perfect microclimate has been made with recyclable plastic sheets which under the strawberries grow and making an ideal habitat for insects.

Matera, the Place of Strawberries

The thing in which we've been writing for twenty-nine years is a futuristic story which also talks about the past.

It's plot is sweet and texture full, which is intertwined by the smiling edges of stones.

Its story is set in a province which is capable of inspiring new insights everyday, to imagine different endings from the same starting point, Matera.

Matera Il posto delle Fragole.jpeg
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