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Between Sky and Stones

Matera is an architectural miracle, a project written by time and nature.

The narrow alleys run like the jambs of an ancient fortress and give life to a natural labyrinth.

Sasso Caveoso and Sasso Barisano are built on rocks by hand by the millennia.

The buildings and houses built in milestone and the arches of the caves enjoy the emptiness that balances on the verge of a vertigo.

The whole city extends in the same way between the high plateaus of the Murge and the hills without getting out of balance.

Everything seems suspended, the city between sky and stones, the time preserves nature, and the breath of millions of tourists from all over the world. In this enchantment, Matera Strawberry® was born.

Tra cielo e sassi.jpeg

Out of the Ordinary

The Matera Strawberry varieties are also grown in eight other fascinated towns of the province of Matera.

In Nova Siri, which was once called "Bollita" for its water springs.

In Rotondella, "the balcony of the Jonio" from which, without leaning out, it is possible to see the coastal stretch of the Gulf of Taranto.

In Policoro, where the land smells of ancient history, that of the ancient Romans who face Pyrrhus.

In Scanzano, the newest town of the region of Magna Grecia. With its archaeological park, which finished dates go back to 1200 BC. Today, it is an area that has made strawberries its most valuable prize.

In Montalbano, from the Arabic "Al Bana", which translates to "excellent place".

In Pisticci, which, with its "singing dialect," tells a continuous story construction.

In Bernalda, with its wheat-colored Aragonese castles.

In Montescaglioso, with its boundless hectares of biodiversity.

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