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Ambassadors of Basilicata

We are many and more in Frutthera. We are not always the same, but we are constantly evolving. Our team is a microcosm inhabited by very different people, each with their own aspirations but with a common goal: to express oneself to the best of one's own ablility to feed the shared value of the company. Our mission is to make known all the cites of Basilicata through what we produce.

Our vision is to cultivate naturally, to produce healthy and balanced fruit in the taste to give up the temptation to add even a teaspoon of Sugar. We have distinguished ourselves over time for the courageous pioneering impulses in

the sector, they reflect innovative and forward­ looking products and methods.

We are among the first companies in southern Italy to have accepted the challenge of integrated production for ensuring greater agricultural  sustainability, even  if  it sometimes means going against our profits.

Which is better than going against our principles.

Prime Quality

And the rest. No product leaves our factory unless it is exactly how we like it just as if we would choose it ourselves.

Trust is Good,  Trusting is Better

We know how important it is to rely on an expert voice for those who want to buy natural products. This is why we sit on the first row: you know where find us.

Lovers of Nature

We follow nature which leads us to learn from our experts and to trust us of our knowledge.

Professionalism or Nothing

We can talk about our work with our eyes closed, but we cannot close our eye on professionalism.

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Our Team


Francesco Nicodemo

Presidente - CEO 

Resp. Team vendite e marketing


Alessandro Tistano

Vicepresidente - Operation Manager

NICOFRUIT_DSC9869 copia.jpg

Vito Dematteis

    Production manager

    Responsabile confezionamento


    Demetrio Nicodemo

    Production manager

    NICOFRUIT_DSC9984 copia.jpg

    Rocco Ponzio

    Responsabile gestione controllo qualità

    _DSC9200 copia.jpg

    Nunzia Varasano

      Responsabile amministrazione

      e contabilità

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