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Zero Plastic

We made a promise with nature, and promise must be kept.

For this reason, we adapted low environmental impact solutions. The environment which helps us so much... Solutions that limit the footprint of our production cycle to minimise harmful emissions. Solutions include using only recycled plastics, which can then be easily recycled.

This is how the "Ezy Split" basket was born, the first hybrid 400g and 500g basket in R-Pet 100% plastic, which embraces Fragola Matera.

Zero Pose Plastiche.png

Compostable Future

We are often asked about how we invision our future. We like answering in words but we prefer answering with facts.

For this reason we have designed a basket completely compostible in two sizes, 400g and 500g.

We call it, Nicofriendly, it sums up our ideas and goals for the future which are to work hand in hand with nature.

Progetto senza titolo-32.png

Till the Last Drop

Our fruit absorbs water in little drops thanks to our water system.

Through micro-pores, placed along the entire ground to get rid of the humidity in the soil, drip line irrigation system release just the right amount of water needed for plants to grow.

This way, we take the best care of our plants without waisting not even a drop of water.

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